Tips & Tricks: Coiling your cables

Part of the new content that will be brought to the site are added bonuses for our readers that come to the site directly or follower our site. These are not going to be reviews of products, but tips and tricks for all things audio. The first one is a video I like that explains how to coil your cords. If you keep running through earbuds or headphones because of a bad cord, or just want to unwind your cables neatly without tangle after storing them in a bag or something, take a look. Once you get used to coiling your cables like this, you will be frustrated less with knots in your cables and get to enjoying the music you love even quicker. The twist tie idea in the video is useful if you dont use a little pouch for earbuds,  but the over-under technique has been used by music professionals for years and can be used for all types of cables, not just ones for audio.

Also, in the future, we may be the ones making the videos or whatever other content we share in tips and tricks postings.

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