General Goal
Headphones for Dummies is meant to teach you all there is to know about headphones, so when it's time for you to buy your next pair of headphones you get the one most suited for you.

History/Reason behind Headphones for Dummies
When I look back at when I first got into the "Audiophile" hobby, there wasn't really a source with everything I needed to know in one convenient source. There would be digging around forums, the internet and sometimes family, but the bottom line was: This information just wasn't where I want, when I wanted. Definitions like "soundstage" what the frequency response meant took TONS of digging to find a good source that was simple enough for me to understand (I was 10 when I developed this hobby, so I lacked a physics background which would have made everything SOO much easier). Looking back, not everyone has the luxury and the time to search up this information like I have so I decided to create Headphones for Dummies (only name I could think of) so I could compile all this information into one site that is easy to access for everyone.

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*** Note ***
My reviews are done entirely by ear and references to frequency charts from third parties when available (this may change if I ever gain access to measuring equipment). Therefore what I hear might not be exactly what you may hear, many factors affect how we hear such as hearing loss and volume. It is always best for you to do other research as well before deciding on a purchase.