Some of you may have already noticed

As the title suggests, some of the changes you are going to see on the site are already in full effect. From now on both writers, jr.kong and myself, will be adding in labels to our reviews. This is to help all our readers find relevant information to a post.

If you click the label at the bottom of a post you will be able to see all posts with that same label. This should provide an easy way to find information about that same company or that model and if it was talked about before or in another review. We sincerely hope you take advantage of this change to our posts, as we move forward and try to provide the best content possible.

Also, we are now going to be having all posts be directly linked by our twitter account (@Headphones4D) and in the coming weeks hope to each have a personal account where we will directly respond to questions from you, our readers.

We hope you like the coming changes and if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, please leave us a comment and we'll be sure to take a look at them and take them into account as we move forward.

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