Brief Impressions of the AS-2

So I've received my AS-2's for about a week now so I think it's about time I wrote a little about how they are so far and provide a little teaser for what's to come in the review. So first off Stealth finish: Looks pretty epic but feels a little more cumbersome compared to the polished finished. It could just be my pair but after they arrived I saw there were a few minor imperfections on the finish on the logo on the "a" of the right ear as well as the tip of the nozzle on the right ear. The new cable is a bit more resistant to memory and has a shorter hook section near the top otherwise it's the same as the old cable. The sound shows an improvement over the ASG-1S for a number of reasons though I don't think it is completely fair for me to say that just yet at this time as I have not heard the latest update of the ASG-1S. The most notable difference between the two would be the soundstage and balance the soundstage of the ASG-1S is somewhat thrown off by the tuning and while balancing the tuning with the use of EQ helps, it does throw off the sound cues. The AS-2 allows more of the overall sound signature to shine more and while I can't exactly point out the cause(s) of the differences I hear I am quite sure it is a combination of the tweeters, the new driver that comes in the 1.3 update as well as the overall tuning of the AS-2. As for the bass port I notice they affect the decay of the bass the most (around the 100Hz and below range) based on maybe half an hour of testing so far. Compared to the IE8's bass port the AS-2's bass port seem's to work a better as it doesn't seem to curb the sound signature, of course I need to do more testing with this little feature.

As for the possible mods for the ASG-2 I have not run into any major problems worth noting so far I would suspect that the AS-2 may sound a tad better in this respect as they may not exist on my AS-2 because they're custom and are better tuned as they take into account how sound enters my ear.

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