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This is going to be where I record all the announcements (that I catch wind of) 
from Aurisonics:

  •  Aurisonics Kicker, Solo and Harmony at Sound Waveaudiophile Meet in Jakarta.

  • Announcement of the ASG-1B
    • Meant for bassists
    • Fixed cable
      • Same cable as ROCKETS
  • Official announcement of:
    • ASG-2.5
      • 14.2mm dynamic driver+ 2 tweeters
      • Updated tuning
        • Treble reduced to reduce sibilance problems
      • Available in Stealth, Polished Red, 24 K Gold and Brushed Nickle 
    • ASG-1Plus
      • 14.2mm dynamic driver+1 tweeter
      • Available in Polished Black
    • ASG-1.5
      • Replaced 15mm dynamic with a 14.2mm dynamic driver.
      • Overall sound characteristics are still there but different tuning
    • Product "Auris" teased.
      • Teased as "The World's 1st Truly Wireless In Ear Headphone"
      • Teased Kickstarter launch on September 4th



  • Teaser of new product on Facebook

  •  Information about ASG-1 Revision 3 (ASG-1.3)
    • New drivers
    • New shell shape
    • New ear tips
    • New nozzle 
    • New case


  • Official launch of the ASG-2 at NAMM


  • ASG-2 preorder price announced:
    • ASG-2 - Standard frosted clear finish, clear cable, silicon tips, clear waterproof case $499
      • Add Adjustable bass port $70
      • Add Black cable $10
      • Add Black screws $6
      • Add Chrome cover and polished shell $200
      • Add 24K Gold cover and polished shell $250
      • Add Black Rhodium cover and polished shell $300
      • Add 2000 series padded black case $14
      • Add Black Rhodium cover and polished shell $300
      • Add 2000 series padded black case $14
  • Aurisonics "Get Your Bass On" Contest
    • Requirements are:
      • Like the Aurisonics Facebook page
      • Like the "Get Your Bass On" post
        1. Post a picture or video of an Aurisonics product in an interesting place on either Head-Fi or Facebook
        2. A 200 word or less post about why you deserve the serial 0001 ASG-2, include a picture or video of your audio gear on either Head-Fi or Facebook
    • Prizes for the contest:
      • Best picture or post receives the serial 0001 ASG-2 with polished shells and black rhodium plates
      • 4 random contestants will receive the ASG-2 
  • Contest ends on December 17th 2012 Contest has ended
    • Post announcing the winners: Here
  • Contest Link: Here


  • New logo posted on Aurisonics facebook page

Original Link: here


  • Logo conflict with Aurosonic
    • New logo in the works


  • Aurisonics ASG-1S "signature series" announced by jrkong
    • ASG-1S "signature series" received by jrkong (serial number 0001)
      • ASG-1S is not going to be limited run
      • ASG-1S has it's own "signature series" tuning
      • ASG-1S has polished shells and chrome plates
      • May come with a black Otterbox 2000 series
      • Cost is $499.99


  • Launch date of the AS-2


  • Launch date of the AS-2 is announced
    • The AS-2 will be launched at 2012 summer NAMM between July 12 and July 14
  • A picture of the AS-2 can be found on the Aurisonics Facebook page
    • (link goes here)

  • AS-2 series announcement
    • The AS-2 will no longer be duel dynamic drivers, instead it will utilize a duel balanced armature and the 15mm dynamic
    • The original Facebook post:
      • "The AS-2 will be released later this month and we will begin taking orders for it. The AS-2 has a very refined sound signature with beautiful aesthetic options that will be pleasing to both musicians and audiophiles alike. The AS-2 uses a 15mm dynamic driver full range and a very unique "next generation" dual BA tweeter design unlike any BA before. The hybrid combination with unique placement of the BAs compliments the qualities of each and thus will deliver a sound signature sure to please a wide audience. Stay tuned for the upcoming release and photos that should start hitting the web soon..."
    • The AS-2 (customs) are the only ones that will be released later this month. ASG-2 is going to be released later this year because of parts and demand

  • Head-Fi'er Kenman345 reveals his AS-2b "prototypes"
    • most likely are not final
    • first AS released to a consumer to have different aesthetics according to Dale
      • Polished shell and chrome plates
    • Original post can be seen here 

  • Aurisonics announces ASG-1 rev 1.2
  • FR chart comparing the frequency response of the ASG-1.1 and the ASG-1.2
    • New sound with higher bass and a more balanced sound
    • A number of minor changes resulted in a more balanced frequency response
      • To achieve this different sound:
        • Different internal porting
          • improves sub bass and mid bass
        • A different rear-speaker anti-resonance material was used
          • Tones down the mids and smooths the treble in the 6k-14k range
        • Used 1/3 of the filter material that is tested on the prototypes
          • Used to further refine the mids
    • Update costs $20 US
      • This cost includes shipping if you are ordering within the US
      • International shipping is not included in this cost

  • It was leaked that filters are in development to help with the "shouty" sound
    • Prototype filters have been sent out to a few people to test


Announcements that were given by Dale (CEO of Aurisonics) around this date:
  • ASG-1 information
    • Originally intended as a demo unit
    • Digital anthropomorphic scans of the ear were used to design the shape intended to give the  "best" universal fit
    • ASG-1 will be able to accept all upgrades up until (at least) the AS-2 series
  • ASG-1S
    • "Limited Edition" ASG-1S given out as a prize (only 10 in total)
    • Each will be built by hand, burned in and tested by Dale
    • 5 will be given out by dealers
    • 5 will be given out to selected Head-Fi members
    • Details on how to win them have yet to be announced
  • AS-1 series
    • AS-1 has no changeable ports
    • AS-1a offers an adjustable ambient port
    • AS-1b offers an adjustable ambient port and adjustable bass port
    • AS-1c straight down cables
  • Aurisonics will offer upgrades in the future
    • Both hardware upgrades and aesthetic upgrades will be offered
    • All AS headphones are repairable and upgradable by Aurisonics
    • Any self modification can(and most likely will) void your warranty 
    • Cables will be available for purchase in the future
  • AS-2 Series
    • Dual dynamic driver design
      • Utilizes a 15mm driver with a 7mm driver
    • Intended release date is May/June (may not happen on time)
    • Quote of the sound from Dale:
      • "The combination is done differently than one might expect. I listen to mine daily and they never cease to amaze me how airy and detailed they are with great warmth and awesome sub lows"

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