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Beats and Monster goes their separate ways

OK I've seen plenty of them around, and there have been quite a number of questions asking about them.
Long story short, they aren't really worth it.

Beats Headphones
Beats headphones generally have a crazy bass boost (look at the image below)...
Little comparison
OK but besides that, most of their headphones are rather decent when it comes to producing music. Now when you put the price into the equation it changes everything, but if sound is what your going for, they aren't too bad (except for the solos where you see a rather odd "bass boost" which extends into the low mids).

I'm sure we've all known about "celebrity endorsed" or "premium" brands. Louis Vuitton handbags are rather similar in a sense: expensive? yes, stylish? yes? but does it perform better then a handbag a 10th the price? maybe not.

In my eyes Monster(or rather Beats, now they have gone their separate ways) has done an excellent job in targeting the "average teen" (similar to how Bose targets the average uninformed population). I find these two brands extremely similar when headphones is involved as they both employ the same marketing tactics:
  1. Target those who don't know "quality sound" (in other words target those who are naive)
  2. Give them decent sound at an overpriced rate 
  3. Advertise and endorce
  4. Earn money
Truth be told it's a truly ingenious  way to earn money, the sound you get really shows that not much was put in technical research. Using 50 Cent's case as an example, 50 Cent began his own headphone line and took about 4 months designing them. This shows you a little of how much celebrities really care about the sound aspect itself. Celebrity owned brands are leaning a lot more towards the money aspect more then the sound aspect which is a pity because they have the resources to develop better, or lower the price.

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